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Kelsey Murray
Editor in Chief

Kelsey Murray is a junior at CCSU. She is studying Environmental Geography with a minor in Writing. She is happiest when exploring the outdoors, taking and editing photos, hanging out with dogs, traveling, reading and writing. When pestered by family members about why she would major in geography, she usually tells them it’s because she wants to learn about the earth, which isn’t vague at all. Her real goal is to be a storyteller through both photography and writing.

                                                Kathryn Fitzpatrick
                                                Managing Editor

new headshotKathryn Fitzpatrick is a senior English major with a minor in Creative Writing. Her essays and prose poems have been featured or are forthcoming in Out Magazine, Gravel, Unbroken Journal, Cleaver Magazine, The Flexible Persona, Crack the Spine, and elsewhere.  She was the recipient of a Leslie Leeds Poetry Prize, a Barry Leeds Essay Award, and a Connecticut Young Writers Trust Award. She is currently co-editing an anthology for Woodhall Press with Tom Hazuka called Flash Nonfiction Food.

                                             Paige Gainey
                                            Prose Editor

                                            Cheyenne Salafia
                                           Poetry Editor