Kathryn Fitzpatrick

Kathryn Fitzpatrick is a senior English major with a minor in Creative Writing. Besides her position as Editor-in-Chief of the Helix, Kathryn serves as a Prose Reader for the Adroit Journal. Her essays and fictional works have been featured in Out Magazine, Crack the Spine, and the print anthology Flash Nonfiction Funny (Woodhall Press, 2018), and her poetry is forthcoming in The Flexible Persona. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Connecticut Young Writers Trust Award for Prose.

Maria Carrasquillo
Managing Editor

Maria J. Carrasquillo is a senior at CCSU majoring in English with a minor in Writing. Joining the Helix literary magazine changed the path she was taking in college. One day she might find the courage to submit some of her own work instead of hiding it in her desk drawer. She also hopes to not write another bio for a significant period of time.


Ryan Curcio
Prose Editor

Ryan Curcio is a senior at CCSU. He studies English with a minor in Writing. He was a contributing writer for Trill! Magazine, and is currently an intern reporter for the New Britain Herald. His work has appeared in undergraduate literary magazines, on, The Wagon Magazine, and  Crack the Spine. He was a finalist for the Leslie Leeds Poetry Prize.


Jack Waterfield
Poetry Editor

Jack Waterfield is a senior English major with a minor in writing, which he uses sometimes. Likes include baking bread, listening to bad music at too high a volume, and literature written by dusty old men millions of years ago. Dislikes include not having enough bread and  pretentious interpretations of literature that aren’t his own. Legend has it that when there’s a blood moon and the virgins have been sacrificed properly, he actually does his work.

Nikodemas Marcinkevicius
Art Editor

Nikodemas Marcinkevicius has been a part of the Helix team for over a year. Though not a writing major, he joined to see examples of other people’s writing as inspiration for a creative writing class, and stuck around for the awesome team and getting to read what the students of CCSU came up with. When not spending time at college, Nikodemas likes to go on hikes, draw, or spend an arguably disproportionate amount of time at the gym.

Noah Hulton
Website Consultant

Noah Hulton is a Political Science major who, although possessing no real web design experience, took the job anyways. He is a photographer and very into adventure. With a rustic aesthetic, Noah is not quite certain why a self-written bio should be in third person.


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