First Legal Purchase (Portland, OR, 7/12/17) || DL Pravda

In G’s basement growroom,
the LED full spectrums run pink
with Miss Sour Diesel budding
crystal like the top of Mt. Hood.
Miss Gorilla Glue #4 bushes wide
with thick, dark leaves smiling.
A couple more weeks on the Diesel,
G says as I slide the five-dollar jay, coned
and filtered, from its topical tube:
SVG-OG (Hybrid sativa)
THC 27.2% CBD 1.17%
Activation time: Immediate
For use by adults 21+
Pixis Labs License #17700005
Tested on 4/1/17.
Legal weed should not surprise
as long as freedom reigns,
but what of green-flame lighters?
Aliens lit my shit!
In the buzzing growroom with silver
mesh and mirror trying to turn
plants vain, even the cherry burns green.
Do the ladies like their children
cut, cremated and blown at them?
Do they prefer jazz to reggae?
We pass the dispensary purchase
back and forth down to cardboard,
give the ladies a little water
and travel back up to the world,
our eyes readjusting to what
we assume is normal, what
we hope is just and free.



DL Pravda is a teacher, musician and explorer. His work has recently appeared in American Dissident, Aji, Apricity, Cedar Creek Review, Dead Mule, Hamilton Stone Review, Jazz Cigarette, Poetica, and Vine Leaves. He teaches at Tidewater Community College in Chesapeake, VA and also fronts a band called The Dunes (


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