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Cody Cody

Cody Cody is an avid reader and writer, and a senior at CCSU. He majors in English and minors in Writing and Publishing. He has had paintings and poetry featured in small, limited release zines, which he has also frequently helped edit and publish.

Editorial Director & Web Designer

Stefania Calafiore

Stefania Calafiore is a writer and junior at CCSU. She is majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. Her writing has been published in Blue Muse Magazine, where she worked as a webdesigner for the site during the Fall semester of 2021.

Poetry Editor

Nicole Moulton

Nicole Moulton is a writer and senior at CCSU. She is majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Creative Writing. She received first place in the 2022 Leslie Leed’s Poetry Contest and her winning poem is featured in Blue Muse Magazine. Writing is one way she shares love and positivity with the world.

Fiction Editor

Regan Bissoni

Regan Bissoni is a junior at CCSU, majoring in English and minoring in Writing and Publishing. She also assists in a local writer’s workshop, and organizes meetings of young writers in order to help better connect the literary community at CCSU.

Genre readers


Michael Scherer

Alexis Morrell

Oph Saly


Scott Purdie

Ryan Shermer


Rishika PArmar

Erika Russo

Social Media Coordinator

Rishika Parmar

Art Director

Kylie Melillo

copy editor

Ryan Shermer


Past Staff

Julia Wnuk, Jordyn McClary, Daria Washington, Nehway Sahn, Hayley Fiedler, Heather Good, Madison Culpepper, Abigail Cannon, Erica Escobar, Autumn Sankofa

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