The Demented Dance || Ryan Curcio

Floral patterns in crisscrossed lines, externalized
where misshapen boulders crush impious still sitters.

Locked to the earthly dew resembling crystalline spheres
forming a massive network attack, sprawling
across the driest ramps of sands in Gobi mirages.
Gaia screeches in resistance, but retreats to slumber inside herself.

Each fleshy figure of civilizations, near and destroyed,
lines up to loop back to the beginning of time.
Unzip the void. History unfolds at breakneck speeds
where the archaic and civilized are marked by a schism,

a translucent line, unseen in the Gobi mirage.
Zip the void back up.
Spaghetti strainer wormholes and tearing your hair
out in the midst of chaotic splendor.

Ring twice for sanity:
the bell is broken and the demented dance commences.


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