Category: Poetry

Would she know this place without apple orchards, bare vines crucifixed, with wires pulsing underground? Would her naked feet sear on the macadam even in late October light when he came for her daughter, who, some said, went all
The first night in the city I saw the sticker of a skeleton and roses on the back window of a rust orange Nova, I think, and smelled the scent of jasmine wafting through the open windows of a
This is how it is now in these times. What grows around me matters big time. The sunflowers and the nasturtium seed planted in giant plastic containers. The tiny sprouts in the morning grown taller, little leaves and stems
I feel for the antediluvian forests Being systemically cut for American lumber for building Spreading more civilization, European biomass for burning As factory-made fuel, new Means to spoil the air— Critters of the trees, of wings and paws, Forced
Surely includes undressing in front of a filmy Mirror. Nude, you separate Phoenician blinds & witness a snowflake disappear into a puddle. Later, you strike up a conversation at the grocery. What IS the secret to determining The ideal

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