Be Mindful Of || Terry Severhill

using poetry and music
to ensnare the mind
soft spun words worming
into the psyche
words to please
words to appease
polished rounded edges of
slithering syllables

ideas meant for all
or none
how to discern
between or betwixt the
two is not listed in the index

using the mind
to think
to form
the word
the syllables
the sound
then more

poems by the gram
by the ounce
by the page
by the chap-my-hide book
not by the kilogram

poems to make you think
poems to heal
poems to make you think
yeah, ok, imagine you,
creating a library filled with seditious poetry

books about free thinking
thinking on your own
thinking for beginners
thinking for dummies
thinking for mac users
revolutionary sonnets
holy haiku
unholy iambic pentameter
creative nonfiction
sorta like white lies
or a white Christmas
or… Jesus Christ where was I?
ahh yes,
downshifting to granny gear up a long grade
and you thought
you were finished
with grades didn’t you?
reality doesn’t grade on a curve
slippery when wet
set as in
singing in the rain
poetry and music

This was originally published in Fall 2017 edition of The Helix.


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