Worksheet || Alison Ruth

1.   Solve for x:
y do you wish to be elsewhere?
If we are two passengers on two trains,
traveling at unequal speeds,
how soon will we each circle the earth?
Tip*: The earth is not a perfect sphere,
blue ocean and streaked by cloud.
→ You may choose more than one correct answer.

2.   Let’s assume a ratio:
you : me
where your interest decreases
at twice the rate of my heartbeat.

Don’t forget to show your

3.   Find the value of the discriminant.
Hint: Its value is in its two coefficients.
Example: We counted the comets until one of us ran out of
It was so clear I could see the night through my hands,
the endless cycling of meteors,
trapped in a belt of dust and ice of their own dissolution.
Fill in the blank ______________.

4.   Divide 0.
“Cannot be answered” is not correct.
Explain what gives nothingness such power.
Try it: Figure-eight your pencil into infinity,
like the way a kiss should feel,
when the evening is starred,
and everything has just started.



Alison Ruth’s short stories have been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize and have been published in CutBank, Confrontation, Chagrin River Review, Curbside Splendor, J Journal, Southern Indiana Review, G.W. Review, Kestrel, Pamplemousse, and Tulane Literary Magazine.




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