Encountering Walt || Dennis Goza

When I bumped into the innumerate bard
who’d eased out into the misty yard,
unwilling to contribute applause
to the astronomer’s lecture, I tried to bring
illuminated Cliff’s Notes – tried to sing
the equations, dance the proofs and laws
to show that order, magnitude, design
empower the stars to do more than shine;
that figures don’t hack, but concatenate
(webbing the futuristic and the pagan –
astrology and lore with Carl Sagan)
like patient spiders. He wouldn’t abate
the silence he took for perfection, because
being a void, it contained no flaws.


Dennis Goza is a playwright and actor as well as poet. His poems have appeared in Clockhouse, Gemini, Dime Show Review, River River, Waccamaw Journal and Barely South Review; and he has published a volume of poetry, Tortoise Dances.


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