NECKTIES || Faiz Ahmad

even though unsure
of the reality of the world
the starting point of
all his philosophy
was that he certainly
possessed the most exquisite
neckties in the universe

so much so
that he always slept
with a tie on

for instance
when she asked him
if he loved her,
his eyes were fixed
for a long time
on the red tie –
his most reliable tongue

when invited to share
a few thoughts on the topic
he started in the following manner
‘In the beginning was the necktie
which my aunt had gifted me when I was 12
and the rest we’ll never know’

and to the question
how should one live
in the world,
he so very closely followed
the tie that it
gave the impression (to him)
that the tie
was following him

and late one evening
under the greying sky
a sudden wind from nowhere
shook his necktie and
his world
and between the thumb and index finger
he adjusts the knot accordingly



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