Universal || Alex Aldred

Tiny plastic robot, lit from inside
by the dim glow of twin LEDs
behind blank eyes, its stickered decals
already peeling away –

meaningless arrays, dials fixed at ten,
gapless grilles of imitation steel,
Clipart screws holding nothing
tight to nothing – the only textures

a struck-through wheelie-bin logo
raised from the knee like a scab
and, at the lumpen tip
of each rigid, jointless limb

slotted ports holding something
tight to something else within.

Alex Aldred lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he is currently undertaking a PhD in creative writing. You can find out more about his work by visiting his site, www.alexaldred.co.uk, or by summoning him to speak with you in person, provided you have access to the necessary runes.


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