Starry Night || Steven Davison

On the painting by Vincent van Gogh

The trees are aflame.
The stars are ablaze.
The moon swirls as 
it dances through the night.
The Milky Way curls
in light waves breaking 
on the shores of the far horizon.
The steeple, the people in their homes
alight with gold in the windows,
all peaceful nestle in the vale
beneath the night and the light
in the truth of the painter’s vision.

Steven Dale Davison has published poems in more than a dozen journals. His hybrid book of poetry and images The Road to Continental Heart will be published by Boyle and Dalton in 2021. Written in both verse and prose, several of his plays have been produced. He has written both short and long fiction and has published a number of nonfiction essays and book chapters.


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