Bungalow Heaven || Craig Cotter

when we walked through Bungalow Heaven

saying many of the same things
we often say of the houses we like and don’t like

—houses we’ll likely never have—
I’m so happy we’ve been together

these 13 years.
Even though most days we want more,

most of the last 13 years
                        have been enough

and more than enough
as we’ve seen skid row in LA

and the slums of Bangkok together.

         –for Jennice Prajimnork

Craig Cotter was born in 1960 in New York and has lived in California since 1986.  His poems have appeared in California Quarterly, Chiron Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, The Gay & Lesbian Review, Great Lakes Review, Hawai’i Review, & Tampa Review. His fourth book of poems, After Lunch with Frank O’Hara, is currently available on Amazon.   http://www.craigcotter.com


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