Category: Fall 2019

          Stray conversations lingered in the air. Dull grey smoke drifted on the passing breeze peppering olfactory nerves with burnt meats and dwelling vegetables far beyond ripe. The sun, stood high in the clear blue
with all the people I’ll never be: local legend, glad-hander, open armer, yah boy The virtuoso, soft heart, mystery  Magnet, statue, prairie fire Coyote, salmon, creek, midnight wish   An apophatic prayer, Whispered in Times Square Start walking, In
We parked on the street in the grey light of the overcast afternoon. The house loomed over us as we stepped out and quietly closed the car doors.           I glanced at Sam, wondering if
Monday I’ll sit across the room from the chemo patients. I’ll wait and watch and listen to cancer and laughter and how those cookies on the white plate restore ground for only that moment after or before. * You
The whole drive back, we say nothing. The dead, brown grasslands roll by, bleakly faded by the southern sun.   Alan, out of drugs, dry-mouthed, and frowning, drowns in the glare of the bleached white road. Jack, holding a

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