Fall 2021

For this cover, I really wanted the feeling of unity to be the main focus. Students of CCSU are finally allowed back on campus. We are allowed to see our friends and classmates and coworkers. We get to taste a little bit of life before COVID. The hands that are reaching for each other and forming the walls of the Helix shape enforce this point. Many people believe that a helix looks like a ladder. And I 100% agree, the helix looks like a ladder to the next level of interaction, the next phase of COVID, and the next stage of recovery. And if we are all reaching out for each other, then that next stage so much easier to get too.

Issue Cover Designer

Kylie Melillo is a graphic design student from Durham, Connecticut that’s ready to dive right into the working world of design.  Kylie is passionate about web design, poster design, and all forms of illustration. In her free time, she likes to listen to Glass Animals and endlessly doodle.

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