Day: December 16, 2018

Tampa sleeps beneath an interstate with a fifth of vodka in its roughed-up hand after another long night getting lit. In any case, you switch hornets with bats and realize with forgot, turns out it makes a huge difference.
“PAH-KOO-RAH! PAH-KOO-RAH!” Tom yelled at the red lights to change as we drove to my dance class. At nine years old I didn’t understand the sounds of Korean. When I was raving through the house, hyper, bored and anxious
Its slender handle a swan neck over the tub, like a low bird or amphibian that lives to peer, to lurk, to sleep. Its electric umbilicus rooted to the wall. As with a new infant, its head is oblong,
My summer school course in arson has gone well. Twelve students planning their final projects. I’ve set only a couple of rules. They aren’t allowed to burn the school, and can’t use gasoline because it leaves such obvious traces.

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