On These Mornings || Annie Mariano

On these mornings
bed sheets reach the corners of my ears
sighing and reaching for more blankets, I realize
coolness has touched the clouds as it has me

the pavement matches the sky best
when grey shingles and white colonials
dim their tones for the day-long mist of 
New England

it’s on these mornings 
glacial rocks get a faded sheen
to watercolor their mossy patches into a glossed oil painting
frogs come out to play, children go looking for them

it’s true: young eyes can open better in this haze
seeking adventure, uncovering new soil creatures
or seeing how the seagulls act in dampness
how wind can match the soul
or how friends can run together, chasing puddles through the mist

Annie Mariano is a student of English with a concentration in creative writing at Salem State University in Salem Massachusetts. She lives there with her two cats and two roommates. She is a young, passionate writer who hopes for more success to come.


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