To Reminisce || Isabella Jacobs

She was shaded in fragments of yellows and blues.

Found lost in a window of heavenly stains,
Stashed away in an unknown frontier,
Considering intently with a hum of nerve connections and synapses alike.

All encapsulated in a hue of red and purple.

Strangled with plaid blazers and neoprene suits,
Trapped by a velleity,
Expected at the intersection of simple words.

She is the exclusion,
                                        the exception,
                                                                    the perception,
                                                                                                  the frenzy.

She is the malachite,
                                        the vermilion
                                                                   the amaranth,
                                                                                                the celadon.
Comparable to petrichor.
Her being is nearly liquid.

I digress.

He knew it would not last.
You left me behind in a film still foreign.
I cannot yet tell where the rain is coming from.
All one can do is wait.
To reflect, that’s all that really mattered.

And we’re awake again.
She was the adventure they did not recognize.
Learning disguised in scorched tongues.
She had scrawled the passwords to real living on the backhand,
While they expected to forget and move on.

To Reminisce 

Izzy Jacobs is a junior accounting major at CCSU. She loves yoga, local live music, and closely following formula one racing. To Izzy, reading and writing poetry has always been an escape and she enjoys having this life balance between business/numbers and the raw emotion of art. Her life goal is to travel Europe with her career in corporate finance and write poems about her experiences along the way.


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