Tag: poetry

In the one for self-awareness A man beheads a chicken Beneath a crescent moon. Shooting stars twist and turn. In the background, a figure Stands hunched over a well. Two men hang from Joshua trees On both sides of
High school biology, skinning a frog: fascinated in spite of myself at the inside-out glove of the peeled epidermis, the sleekness of overlapped muscles, the three black liver lobes hiding the nut of a wrinkled gallbladder. At the way
I have spent my life preparing for life like setting a table for guests I haven’t invited starched linen napkins, glowing candles Boeuf Bourguignon simmering on the stove like trying to lose ten pounds, sweating on a Peloton going
That meteor we saw in April didn’t mean anything nor did the fireworks in July nor did every single I love you goodnight text not a single one meant anything. Let that sink in as a bad diet choice.

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