Category: Fall 2018

1.   Solve for x: y do you wish to be elsewhere? If we are two passengers on two trains, traveling at unequal speeds, how soon will we each circle the earth? Tip*: The earth is not a perfect sphere,
Todd gives me permission to sleep after Polish vodka shots, mashed guitars and mutual musical respect at four in the morning.  Sleeping bag on pad and floor, I’ve forgotten how to sleep in the city. Drips, footsteps, firetrucks freak
drinks in the road flowing before him. His passengers are inert, each wrapped in the other. Each a pothole away from a bladder-burst of embarrassment. DD does not deviate from the straight or narrow, the sparkling markers, the sexually
[PIK – UHLS] Pikkylls, pekilles, pekels, pöekels Preserved in brine, the knotty bullets languish in a glass, adorned, the dress code formal, a gleaming choker twisted around its neck like an ornamented noose, a Ball sash scrolled across its

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